Lake Worth Florida is in the center of the South Florida Recovery Community. At The Enclave, we have created a place for serious women to work their program. Lake Worth is a community with many resources for women who suffer from addiction. This feature allows the women to interact with others in recovery, and attend 12 step meetings in a community focused on recovery.

Lake Worth is a great town for a women just coming into recovery, or just coming back. Lake Worth offers a plethora of activities and The Enclave is a short distance from them all. From the Lake Worth Beach, Public Pool, and Downtown Lake Worth, The Enclave is in a prime location. Downtown Lake Worth features a number of shops, restaurants, and public parks. This allows the women to slowly work their way back into the community and learn to live sober. Being close to such a booming community, additionally offers the women many employment opportunities. As a new resident at the house, you or your loved one will be required to find employment. (another tool to help you or your loved one learn how to live in the community again. Additionally, they will be required to attend 90 meetings in 90 days. Lake Worth has many meeting places just minutes away from The Enclave. Check Out our Resources page to see local meetings days and times.

At The Enclave, We possess the understanding, structure and discipline required to build a strong foundation for long-term recovery from substance abuse. We offer more than sober living, we offer a successful approach to recovery!

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