Rules and Requirements for Residency:
There is a four (6) month commitment. This ensures the stability of the house and displays your desire for a life of recovery

#1. No Drugs or Alcohol (Zero tolerance, this includes any and all types of synthetic drug substitutions and products containing alcohol (mouthwash, hand sanitizer, etc.)
#2. Both your room and apartment must be kept neat and clean at all times.
#3. You will be assigned daily and weekend chores (these are mandatory as part of your stay).
#4. Full time employment must be promptly obtained. Dressed and out of the house by 9am for job searching.
#5. No negative contracts. This means that it is YOUR responsibility to make management aware of any rule infractions on or off the property.
#6. A Urine Analysis is mandatory upon request. Refusal will be considered a positive result.
#7. You are responsible for taking your medications as prescribed. (Management must be made aware of any over the counter medications in your possession. No Tylenol PM, Nyquil, etc.).
#8. Attend 90 meetings in 90 days.
#9. Get a sponsor (within 2 weeks).
#10. House meeting attendance is mandatory, (which means you must arrange for employment that does not interfere with this house meeting).
#11. No borrowing or lending of personal items, such as money, cars, or clothing.
#12. No entering other residents rooms or apartments, unless given permission.
#13. No unauthorized guests in house or on property.
#14. No smoking in apartments, use ash trays / butt cans outside.
#15. No pets.
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